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METAGLAS® Sight Glasses

Metal fused sight glasses "METAGLAS®" consist of a sight glass that is fused into a steel ring.
The different expansion coefficients of glass and metal cause a compressive stress inside
the glass. The mechanical prestress commands a higher security compared to thermal
prestressed glasses. Because of the mechanical treatment of the steel ring, various
constructive soultions can be realised.

sight glass luminaires

  • Sight glass luminaires for ex and non-ex areas
  • LED luminaires for ex and non-ex areas
  • Sight glass luminaires for sterile applications
  • Sight glass luminaires made of stainless steel and aluminium
  • UL-listed sight glass luminaires

Sight Glass Fittings

  • Sight glass fittings for pressureless applications
  • According to DIN 28120 / 28121
  • Similar to DIN 11851
  • Oval or rectangular sight glass fittings
  • Sight glass flow indicators

Regular Sight Glasses

  • Circular borosilicate sight glasses DIN 7080 (MAXOS®) or similar
  • Lingulate borosilicate sight glasses DIN 7081 (MAXOS®)
  • Circular sodalime sight glasses DIN 8902 or similar
  • Rectangular sodalime sight glasses DIN 8903 or similar
  • Sight glasses made of quartz
  • Sight glasses made of saphire
  • Cutting to borofloat®