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Borofloat® 33 - Borosilicate glass

BOROFLOAT® glass plates are very resistant to water, neutral and acidic solutions, strong
acids and salt solutions as well as chlorine, bromine, iodine and organic substances.
Even with longer exposure times and temperatures higher than +100°C, they exceed most
metals and other materials with their chemical resistance. Under the influence of water and
acids small amounts, mainly of monovalent ions, are dissolved from the glass.
Thereby a very thin, almost non-porous layer is formed which prevents further corrosion.

(from: the Schott company brochure "Borofloat® - eine Weltneuheit aus Jena")


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The Borofloat® glass plates are available in the following standard sizes:

Standard sizesThicknessPackaging
1.150 x   850 mm   0.7 - 25.4 mm small wooden box or triwall
1.700 x 1.300 mm 16.0 - 21.0 mm large wooden box
2.300 x 1.700 mm   3.3 - 15.0 mm large wooden box


Max. stock dimensions: 3.000 x 2.300 mm (thickness: 5.5 - 9.0 mm)
Min. stock dimensions:700 x 575 mm

Other sizes are available on request.


Note: Borofloat® is a registered trademark by a company of the Schott group.