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Example for the installation of MAXOS® sight glasses


MAXOS® safety sight glasses, tempered

MAXOS® safety sight glasses are necessary in all places where
the observation of processes in closed vessels must be guaranteed.

The high level of safety can be reached by using a special borosilicate
glass with good chemical resistance, exceptional purity and homogeneity.
A thermal toughening, in combination with the low thermal expansion which
is typical for this borosilicate glass, leads to an especially high thermal
shock resistance. 

MAXOS® sight glasses are manufactured in two different standard versions:

  • be circular
  • or rectangular

Rectangular sight glasses can be either reflex or transparent. The reflecting
glasses make safe and easy meter-reading possible from a greater distance.
The transparent rectangular glasses are employed in spots with particularly
high requirements.

For further information, concerning for example dimensions, chemical and thermal
shock resistance of the MAXOS® glasses, please download our catalogue or look
on our homepage under:

Formula for calculating the pressure resistance of round glass discs

s          thickness, in mm
shape factor 0.55
p        allowed positive operating pressure, in bar
Dm      mean diameter of the gasket

sDV zul     minimum value for the flexural strength, in N/mm²
40 N/mm² if glass is not prestressed
                   100 N/mm² if glass is prestressed

S        safety coefficient = 5


if glass is not prestressed