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Sight glass luminaire Mikrolux

Stainless steel luminaire type 1803 ”MikroLux”

for sterile operations


  • Illumination of tanks, homogenisation mixers, laboratory
    plants, cauldrons, reactors etc. For usage in hygienic
    engineering (food processing, breweries, diaries, cosmetics
    and pharmaceutical industry). Particularly hygienic
    housing design. Electropolished stainless steel housing.
    No screws in the lid.

 Operating conditions

  • Independent of internal pressure in areas
    where there is no risk of explosion.
    Ambient temperature between–25°C to +85°C.


  • Material housing: AISI 304
  • Surface housing: Fine turned e-polished

Operating Voltage

  • Voltage: 12V or 24V AC or DC
  • Power: 5W, 10W, 20W or 100W,
    depending on operating voltage.


  • particularly small design
  • easy maintenance due to connector
  • Hygienic housing—electropolished
  • O-ring sealed connecting adaptor
  • External diameter 22mm!


  • The luminaire has a momentary switch with an o-ring sealed rubber boot.

Connecting cable

  • Easy installation and maintenance due to plug and socket connection M5, including 3 metre cable as standard, 5 and 10 metre cable available on demand.


  • The connector is available as a 3-pole or 4-pole option model. With the 4-pole option model the switch and the bulb can be controlled seperately. Via the switch a signal can be transmitted to a time relay or a controller, which control the bulb‘s burning time. This way a illuminated tank can be operated, without a hand being required to press the momentary switch.




Average lamp life**

Luminous flux










12 V

  5 W


4000 h.

  60 lm


88 mm

12 V

10 W


4000 h.

130 lm


88 mm

24 V

20 W


3000 h.

 300 lm


 88 mm

* 1 = OFF—momentary ** XENON-bulb ca. 10.000h